List of artists:

Milton Avery    Wm. Auerback -Levy    Hugo Anderson    Peter Anderson   Harold Altman  Donald B Anderson  

Herbert Bayer   Isabel Bishop   Auguste Brouet        

Federico Castellon   Warington Colescott    Le Corbusier

Kerr Eby  

Conrad O'Brian ffrench

Emil Ganzo    Nancy Gray   WM Gropper  James Gardner

Paul Harcharik   Peter Hurd   Ernest Haskell   Pat Hardy   George Hausdorf   S.W. Hayter   Ian Hugo  Semour Hayden   Peter Hayes

John Paul Jones   Melvin Jules  

Gene Kloss  

Paul Landacre   Armin Landeck    Wm. Lee-Hankey   Gerson Leiber   Jack Levine  

James McBey   Samuel Margulies   Michael Mazur   Dean Meeker   Leo Meissner                 Mortimer Menpes   Thomas Moran

Thomas Nason   Krystal Newmark

Jules Olitski  

Gabor Peterdi

Krishna Reddy   Freddy Re'em   Georges Renouard   Grant Reynard    Robert Riggs   Ernest Roth   Chauncey F Ryder

John Sloan   Moses Soyer   Raphael Soyer   Albert Sterner  Melanie Smith   Morgan Smith   Marianne  Sollosy

Richard O Tyler

James McNeil Whistler    Henriette Wyeth

Anders Zorn





Chauncey  F Ryder,  "Alleghenies" 

Chauncey  F Ryder,  "Alleghenies" 

Chauncey Foster Ryder (1868-1949) was an accomplished American painter and printmaker.  New England and New Hampshire were frequent subjects in his later works. He studied at The Chicago Art Institute as well as in Paris.  

We have exhibited over 100 of his drypoints and lithographs since 1981.  

Federico Castellon, "self-portrait with H"

Federico Castellon, "self-portrait with H"

Federico Castellon (1914-1971) was a Spanish-American painter, printmaker, sculptor and illustrator.  Raised in Brooklyn he was considered to be one of America's first Surrealists.  Perhaps best known for his skills at lithography.   

We have exhibited his work and estate since 1982.

Herbert Bayer, "Self-portrait" 1932

Herbert Bayer, "Self-portrait" 1932

Herbert Bayer (1900-1985) was an Austrian-American artist.  Trained at The Bauhaus, he was accomplished as a painter, printmaker, sculptor, photographer and graphic artist and designer. 

Emil Nelson Gallery has represented his work and estate since 2002..